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Ms. Gabby Is Your School Counselor at Corrales Elementary
Ms. Gabby Is Your School Counselor At Corrales Elementary
  Gabrielle Anzures (505) 792-7400 ex: 5 Counselor
The Counseling Office
Ms. Gabby's Counselor Lessons
Ms. Gabby Counselor Lessons
Space Cat
How To Make Boba Tea
How to make Boba Tea
Dial-A-Teacher for homework Help at Home
Dial a teacher

Dial-A-Teacher will open on September 8th.  Let your students and families know that homework help is available from 5:30-8:00 pm Monday through Thursday. All they have to do is CALL: 505.344.3571. Teachers are available to help in English and Spanish.

Student Corner

Dance With Kidz Bop
Let's Dance!

Kidz Bop Dance Along Is Fun! 

LoFi Hip Hop
LoFi Hip Hop
Let's Chill Out At The Albuquerque Zoo!
Have a Wonderful Winter Break!
Study After School At Our Corrales Village Library
Village Library
Homework And Tutoring
Homework help
lava lamp relaxation
Japanese Cats
  Christina Romero (505) 792-7400 Behavior Redirector
Go Noodle Corner
Go Noodle Corner
read along with your favorite therapy dog
Therapy dog
Growth mindset
Growth Mindset
Sanford Harmony Game Room
Chill Out With Colors And Music
Color meditation
LoFi Hip Hop
LoFi Hip Hop