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Health Office Hours

The Health Office will be Monday - Friday from 08:30-15:45 daily.

The School Nurse is available through scheduled meeting time via email (use email link on page). The Health Assistant is available via phone during school days 505-792-7400 Ext 3.

This website will be a work in progress and will continue to be updated with the latest COVID-19 information.

  • Provide first aid for minor injuries and notify the parent.
  • If serious injuries occur, such as broken bones, head injuries involving loss of consciousness, we will call the parent and call 911, and provide support and care until paramedics arrive. We also call parents and 911 for grand mal seizures and serious heart problems. We can provide CPR as indicated and have a AED. The nurse and some staff members are trained in CPR.
  • See students who are sick. We will check for a fever. If the nurse is available, we can also look at throats and ears. The parent will be contacted and asked to pick up the student if we find a fever of 100 degrees or greater or vomiting. If the student feels ill but does not have a fever or active vomiting, we will contact the parent and have the parent decide if the child will stay at school or be picked up early.
  • We can store and give prescription medications with an signed APS doctor's order sheet and parent permission. No medications can be accepted or stored in the health office without the signed doctor's order. The required forms will be available here on the Nurse link.
  • We do vision, hearing, and dental screenings for the grade levels as required by the State. We will send home letters if the student needs and eye exam, further hearing evaluation, or dental care. The hearing evaluations are provided by the Audiology Department at APS.
  • We store and give emergency medication (albuterol inhalers for asthma and epi pens for allergic reactions) with the required paperwork from the doctor and parent permission. The nurse tracks all health conditions and communicates the information to the teachers.
  • We collect immunization records and check for compliance with the NM State laws. A complete immunization record or a valid, current exemption to the state laws is required before enrollment can be completed.

Contact Information

  • Pamela Padilla

    Phone: (505) 792-7400 ext. 3
  • Maria Elena Rivera
    Health Assistant

    Phone: (505) 792-7400

Health Resources

Helpful links and forms for the doctor to fill out and sign for medications and special diet at school. A new form is required for each school year.

Latest Information from NMDOH regarding COVID-19