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Download the Corrales ES Student Parent Handbook/Calendar (PDF, 759 KB)


Attendance/Office 505-792-7400 ext. 41696

It is the parent(s)’ responsibility to notify the school of a child’s absence and the reason for the absence prior to 10:30 the morning of the absence. If the school does not hear from the parent/guardian before 10:30 a.m., the absence will be reported as “unexcused.” These absences are verified on a daily basis with appropriate action taken by the district. Please refer to the Albuquerque Public Schools Student Behavior handbook. You will only be given three days to report an excused absence.

Should your child become ill at school and it appears advisable to send you home, your parents will be contacted.

If your child will be absent from school due to illness, a death in the family, religious commitment, family emergency, diagnostic testing, doctor’s appointment or other emergency as verified by parent/guardian and accepted by the district, your child will be allowed to make up work missed.

If your child arrives for school after the bell rings, please come into the office for a Tardy Slip with a parent or guardian so that you are not marked as an “unexcused absence” for the day. Tardies will be excused for appointments, illnesses, missed bus, counselor’s office, nurse’s office, and family emergency.

Student Pick-up/Drop-off Procedures

The student drop-off and pick-up area for first to fifth grade students is located between the West and East buildings. The Kindergarten drop-off and pick-up is in front of the main school buildings on Target Road (this area is designated for kindergarten students only). The following is required for all those choosing to pick-up and/or drop-off their child at school:

  • Drop-off and pick-up is only in the DESIGNATED areas marked with the signs and painted curbs. Do not park, drop-off or pick-up in the red fire lane.
  • All drop-off and pick-up are to be from the PASSENGER side of the vehicles NEXT to the CURB.
  • Please PULL FORWARD all the way to the first available opening.
  • Do not PARK in this area.
  • Do not PARK in or LEAVE your vehicle for any matter in this area.
  • During DROP OFF, parents will PULL FORWARD to the FIRST AVAILABLE VACANT spot. Please wait for the Duty Teacher to direct you. Students are to exit onto the sidewalk and enter school grounds from the passenger side. Unless you are UNLOADING a child you should continue to move forward to close breaks in the line.
  • During pick-up, students will find their parents vehicle and enter the vehicle on the passenger side only. The children will NEVER be allowed to enter the vehicle from the driver’s side.
  • Cars at the front of the pick-up line will be loaded first. Parents should not call their child to their vehicle until they are one of the first several cars.
  • DO NOT BLOCK CROSSWALKS, cars, and disabled parking.
  • DO NOT park in disabled parking areas without appropriate visible vehicle identification.
  • Children may not walk between cars to be dropped off or picked up whether or not accompanied by an adult.
  • PLEASE always follow the directions of the duty staff.
  • Please model GOOD DRIVING HABITS as our children are always learning.

Cell Phone Policy

Student cell phones are not allowed at school. If a student brings a cell phone and is caught with it, the phone will be confiscated and brought to the school office and the parent will be responsible for picking it up. Repeat offenses will result in disciplinary action.

Dress Code

Appropriate dress in school is important, because inappropriate dress can be a source of disruption in the classroom and on the playground. Children quickly notice anyone’s dress that is extremely outlandish, suggestive, or a challenge to accepted community values. Teasing and other disruptive behavior frequently follow. We want all students to have a good day at school and for that reason we ask that you observe the following guidelines when dressing students for school.

  • Appropriate children’s wear should not be too tight, suggestive or revealing.
  • Shirts and tops need to cover the child below the waistline. Crop tops, halters, tube tops, spaghetti straps, etc. are not acceptable. Sleeveless shirts are acceptable as long as the armholes are not so pronounced as to expose the chest.
  • Shorts are acceptable but must be long and loose. Excessively short or tight shorts are not acceptable.
  • Hats are not allowed inside buildings, except for medical reasons.
  • Heelie/wheelie shoes are not allowed.

In This Handbook

  • Daily Schedule
  • Arrival and Departure
  • Attendance/Absences
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Abbreviated Days
  • Leaving School
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Volunteers
  • Student Drop-off and Pick-up Area Safety
  • Cafeteria
  • Physical Education
  • Homework Policy
  • Student Placement Policy
  • Field Trips
  • Community Education
  • Progress Reports/Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Telephone Use
  • Cell Phone Use
  • Student Messages
  • School Dress
  • Personal Belongings
  • Lost Items
  • Counseling
  • Mediation/Conflict Resolution
  • Absolutes
  • Bullying Prevention Policy
  • Student Health
  • Medication Policy
  • Calendar