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Corrales Elementary Staff

Administration/Office Staff

Atkerson, Andrea (505) 792-7400 Clerk
Cobb, Louise (505) 792-7400 Nurse
Finke, Kimberly (505) 792-7400 Principal
Ganje, Alissa (505) 792-7400 Counselor
Graff, Melissa (505) 792-7400 IEP Specialist
Rivera, Maria Elena (505) 792-7400 Health Assistant
Smith, Linda (505) 792-7400 Principal Secretary/Bookkeeper


Aragon, Evelyn (505) 792-7400 Educational Assistant
Hurley, Amy (505) 792-7400 Kindergarten Teacher
Johnston, Kathleen (505) 792-7400 Educational Assistant
Makhina, Nataliya Special Ed Educational Assistant
Mann, Karen (505) 792-7400 1st Grade Teacher
Rains, Kathy (505) 792-7400 Kindergarten Teacher

1st Grade

Bahrmann, Joanne (505) 792-7400 1st Grade Teacher
Dolan, Leah (505) 792-7400 1st Grade Teacher

2nd Grade

Morse, Wendy (505) 792-7400 2nd Grade Teacher
Ornelas, Agnes (505) 792-7400 2nd Grade Teacher
Padilla, Kristin (505) 792-7400 2nd Grade Teacher

3rd Grade

Foster, Gina (505) 792-7400 3rd Grade Teacher
Horcasitas, Noel (505) 792-7400 3rd Grade Teacher
Tomlinson, Amy (505) 792-7400 3rd Grade Teacher


Franey, Elizabeth (505) 792-7400 5yh Grade Teacher
Greenleaf, Linda (505) 792-7400 4th Grade Teacher
Trujillo, Carlos (505) 792-7400 4th Grade Teacher

5th Grade

Danen, Eugenia (505) 792-7400 4th Grade Teacher
Kominiak, Theresa (505) 792-7400 5th Grade Teacher
Mueller, Kamden (505) 792-7400 5th Grade Teacher

Special Education

Blank, Rosemary (505) 792-7400 Special Ed Teacher
Heras, Jessica (505) 792-7400 Special Ed Teacher
Sandoval, Sarah Teacher


Felter-Shelton, Nancy (505) 792-7400 Gifted Teacher
Kelly, Ursula (505) 792-7400 Gifted Teacher

200 Target Road

Corrales, NM 87048 (Map)


Phone: (505) 792-7400

Fax: (505) 897-5167


Cafeteria: (505) 898-3193

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Box Tops will be collected through October 23.

Our Goals
- To raise $1,800 in free money for our kids
- 100% participation – even if it’s just one box top!

Did you know…
If each classroom brought in 100 Box Tops, it would mean nearly $250 per class for our amazing Corrales kids and teachers! We can do this!

What to clip and save:
Clip, save and submit all Box Tops for Education certificates and bonus certificates. 
Each unexpired Box Top is worth 1 point (exception is bonus coupons – 10 bonus Box Tops = 10 points).

How to submit your Box Tops
1. Place the collected items in a zip top bag or on a Box Tops Collection Sheet. Please trim box tops!
2. Be sure your teacher’s name is clearly marked on the bag/sheet.



Ganje, Alissa

Instructional Coach

Stearns, Meg
Sys Admin


Darling, Josephine

Physical Ed

Chavez, Tobias
Physical Education Teacher


Dominguez, Rosemary
Music Teacher

Support Staff

Baiardo, Maura
Speech Therapy Teacher
Graff, Melissa
IEP Specialist
Hogan, Toni
Physical Therapist


Estrada, Jesus
Night Custodian
Ipiotis, Nancy
Cafeteria Manager
Quezada, Norma
Night Custodian

Special Ed Educational Assistants

Kanellis-varangis, Adamantia
Special Ed Educational Assistant
Mccoy, Angela
Special Ed Educational Assistant
Romero, Christina
Special Ed Educational Assistant